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Snow Removal - Quick Sign Up Form

Please fill out the following form prior to the service.  For the 01/18/23 - 01/21/23 timeframe most residential properties (i.e. one-three stall garage with approximately 75 feet of sidewalk) in Ankeny will be completed for a $78 one-time service, this includes snow removal from the driveway and sidewalk.  We do not always offer one-time services as we have customers who sign up for the season (flat rate seasonal pricing) and we service those properties first. 

Service terms:

1.  If we agree to service the property and someone else has completed the service prior to our projected time, you will still be charged as we have likely had to turn down work after we committed to servicing the property. 

2.  After the service is completed, we will send an invoice via email and the invoice is due within 14 days.  A reminder will be sent and late payments will receive a $10 late fee for each week they are past due.  We accept payments online via credit card and check via mail.

Thanks for submitting!

Snow Removal Form: Contact
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