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Core Aeration

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Core Aeration Questionnaire

Please complete the Questionnaire and you will receive a response via email.  We are typically able to send a quote within 48 hours.

Terms of Core Aeration Service: Lonneman Lawn Care LLC will complete one pass on the lawn with the core aeration machine (unless otherwise noted in the Questionnaire).  Lonneman Lawn Care LLC will not be held liable for any damage to unmarked objects (utilities, sprinkler heads, underground dog fences, etc.).  After the service is completed, the customer will receive an invoice via email and the invoice must be paid online via credit card or check in mail within 14 days

Do you agree with the Terms of the Core Aeration Service (listed at the top of the Questionnaire)?

Thanks for submitting!

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Aeration: FAQ

FAQ on Core Aeration

Offering core aeration (aerification) services in Ankeny, Huxley, Elkhart, Polk City, Johnston, Clive, Grimes, Urbandale, Van Meter, Adel, West Des Moines, Altoona, Bondurant, Pleasant Hill, Norwalk, Indianola, and the Des Moines area

What is Core Aeration?

Answer: Core aeration is an excellent organic cultivate practice that provides better nutrient absorption and reduces soil compaction in lawns. The core aerator machine pulls 2”-3” plugs out of the ground and the plugs naturally decompose back into the lawn in the following weeks.  Iowa State University recommends core aeration on most home lawns in Iowa.  We typically offer this service once in the spring and once in the fall, the best results for this service are typically annually in September.

Question: Do I need to fertilize?

Answer: We recommend two lawn fertilizer applications in the fall months.  If you would like us to apply our premium fertilize when we complete the service, please let us know.

Question: Do I need to overseed?

Answer: Maybe… if there are completely bare spots in the lawn overseeding after the core aeration service is a good idea.  If it’s a primarily a Kentucky Bluegrass lawn and there are thin spots in the lawn, we recommend core aeration, trying our premium fertilizer to give the lawn an extra boost, mow the lawn with sharp blades so that it’s at least 3” tall and cut no more than 1/3 of the grass blade in one cut, ensure that the lawn is receiving 1.25” of water per week, and the thin spots will typically thicken up on their own.

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Step 1

Fill out our Core Aeration Questionnaire. If needed, we will provide a free quote within 48 hours.

Step 2

We’ll order the underground utilities that are buried less than 4” on the property to be marked by a utility locating service (they do not mark sprinkler heads or underground dog fences)

Step 3

If needed, we’ll drop off flags on the front step so that the homeowner can mark their sprinkler heads and/or underground dog fences (or any other difficult to see objects within 4" of the surface)

Step 4

We’ll send an email out 3-7 days prior to the service to let the homeowner know what day we plan on servicing the neighborhood

Step 5

The customer will receive an invoice via email after the core aeration service is completed and the customer may either pay online within 14 days via credit card or send a check in the mail

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